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Russons club is a community of people interested in learining Russian and exploring Russia off the beaten track.

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This is an absolutely unique experience

We started 3 years ago as an online Russian language club. But very soon I felt that I could give more than just skype lessons of Russian and online discussions.

Altai expedition to Shavla Lakes
Altai expedition to Shavla Lakes

It reflects my passion for touching something real: untouched nature, real people and real emotions rather than hiding behind the safe gadget monitors.

Internet is a great communication tool, but I feel that it’s imprtant to explore the world through the real people. Though the differences between cultures may seem scary, eventually there will be no borders erected by politicians. And there will be friends all over the world!

Shavla Lakes in spring
Shavla Lakes in spring

Mountain Altai – is a land of amazing landscapes and unlimited opportunities. Nature generously awarded this region with sparkling snow-white mountain peaks, wide valleys, rivers and waterfalls, huge evergreen taiga, lakes with clear water, lush vegetation and rich wildlife. There is the purest ionized mountain air. Altai people say that the bactericidal properties of cedar forests are such that here, in the open air, right under the cedar crowns, you can do surgery.

In developing our trevelling programs we stick to these rules:

  • It’s impossible to get to know a country without meeting the people who live there. We will meet the people who live in the small mountain villages and nature parks. We will learn their lifestile, health and cooking secrets.
  • The travelling guides who will help us with our exploration are highly professional with more than 10 years of experiense.
  • Our journies are built on personal acquaintances and mastery of development

Instead of escaping from life in the mountains we suggest diving deep in life and communication, nature and culture exploration.

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