Learn Russian through music – 5 autumn songs

This is a good way to learn new vocabulary and phrases. Just find the songs that you like and learn them. It’s easier to learn something that you like. It’s autumn now in Russia. These are 5 Russian recommended to the learners of Russian. And they are all about “What is autumn”. Что такое осень.

View the lyrics in spoilers under each video. They are great and full of idioms. Try to understand. Ask me for help in comments.

1. Николай Носков “Это здорово”

Everything is wrong around him, except one great circumstance.

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2. Максим Леонидов. Не дай ему уйти

He is a young and inexperienced God. But he can bring sunshine to her life.

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3. Музыкальный клип “Привет”

We say Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) when we meet someone we don’t know. We say Privet (Привет) when we meet an old friend. We say about a person “с приветом” when he or she is a little strange (crazy). We say “это привет” or “это полный привет” when we want to say “its too bad” without using bad words. All these meanings are used in this song. View the lyrics in a spoiler under the video.

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4. ДДТ – Что такое осень

What is autumn in Russia? It reminds your soul something very important.

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5. Пелагея и Дарья Мороз – Ой, да не вечер

Two amazing women sing an old Russian song that goes back to 1600s. The song describes a dream of Stepan (Stenka) Razin, a Cossack leader who fought against royality in South Russia.

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