A guide to mastering Russian bad words and slang

So you want to learn the language of Russian loaders, farmers and prisoners.

Be careful – these words are terribly sticky and infective. Once you hear them – you can’t get rid of them.

This is why swearing is so widely spread. Not only bottom layer uses bad words, but also businessmen, musicians, designers and chief accountants.

This is sad, because bad words sound dirty and disgusting.

Which is more, swearing in public places is prohibited.

You can be fined or even arrested according to the article 20.1 of Russian Code of administrative offenses

Статья 20.1. КоАП РФ предусматривает штраф за нецензурную брань в общественном месте, а в некоторых случаях даже арест.

But there is a funny side.

Swearing is essential part of Russian language.

You don’t need to use bad words.

But you need to know them.

Otherwise you may not understand half the Russians.

You would also need those words to welcome Russian roads, GAI (Road police) and tax inspection. To swear is wiser then to cry!

To swear – материться materit’sya, ругаться как сапожник, браниться (old-fashioned), чертыхаться

Bad words – мат, мат-перемат, нецензурная брань

Yes, Russians swear a lot. Why?

There are four main reasons.

Swearing as a normal way of speaking.

Using a swear word after each informative word is a way many workers, farmers, former prisoners and drunk Russians speak.

If you want to understand – try to omit the words сука, бля, блядь

At first site Russian filthy language is rich, but when you look at it closely you can see that all swear words are the forms of these few:

Ебать, хуй, хер, сука, блядь, пиздец

Any of these words can take a form of noun, verb, adverb, and adjective. The funny thing is that they substitute any word of Russian language. They can mean absolutely anything.

So don’t worry if you can’t understand what a loader says. Me either. I need somebody to translate these words from bad Russian into good Russian:

Bad RussianGood RussianEnglish
Как хуярить – так заебись!
как пиздец – так ну его нахуй!
Я ебу!
как мусорить – так все,
как убирать – так дворник Иванов,
Я расстроен.
How to litter – so everybody,
How to clean – so janitor Ivanov,
I’m sad.
Нахуя дохуя захуярили?Зачем так много нагрузили кирпичей?Why did you load so many bricks?
  1. Road swearing

Russians swear like a shoemakers (ругаются как сапожники) when they try to repair something and the things go wrong.

The other two frustrating reasons are fools and Russian roads. There have always been a lot of fools in Russia. The fools have invented Russian roads.

Due to severe weather conditions asphalt roads corrupt very quickly. But they are not replaced by 70% more expensive and 1500% more durable concrete roads. For Russians it’s easier to swear then to think.

Master Russian road swearing with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-bk65-hw2I

  1. A strong way to insult

If you want to attack somebody, say the following:

Ты чё, а? Ану иди сюда!

Ty che, a? A nu idi syuda! (What the fuck? Come here!)

But this is not enough. To enhance frightening effect you need to add the words (сука, блядь (suka, blyad)) after each sentence.

Beware – such words can kill somebody who is gentle and vulnerable!

  1. Swearing as a personal brand

Some eccentrical people also use swear words in their everyday speech. That does not necessarily mean that this person is from a bottom layer of society.

My friend chief accountant uses swear words in every sentence. She does this so naturally and innocently that she only makes everyone laugh. I don’t advise you to do the same unless you are a master of Russian.

The fun ways to learn Russian bad language from eccentrical people

  1. Go to a blog of famous Russian designer Artemy Lebedev (Артемий Лебедев). http://tema.livejournal.com/ He is one of those extravagant people who uses swear words in every sentence. Some enviers even say that Artemy has become so popular not because his designer’s skills but because of his language. Artemy has got a lot of imitators, but they haven’t succeeded.
  2. Listen to the songs of shocking Russian band Leningrad (Ленинград) and their leader (Сергей Шнуров). Some of their songs are full of swear words (мат). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOeAXKUK6aM

Substitute with slang

There is a way to soften extremely bad words I’ve mentioned above. Substitute the following popular swears with slang expressions. They sound better and can even be used by parents when kids are around

Very badBetter
Блядь (fuck)Блин (blin, pancake)
Пиздец (we are in trouble)Пипец,
копец, писец
нахуй (fuck off)на фиг
ёб твою мать (just exclamation)Японский городовой!
Ёк макарёк!


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