Is it possible to learn Russian in 2 weeks?

I would say no if I didn’t see that with my own eyes.

Even native Russians have struggles with their grammar and punctuation. How is it possible to learn a language in just 2 weeks?

No way!

Невозможно. Чё смеяться? (Impossible. Are you kidding? (slang))

Once I met an American friend. She was one of the missioners who came to Siberia, attracted by the mysterious Russian soul.

When we talked about learning Russian she nearly cried. She said that she’d been trying hard with no result. Those cases and verbs conjunctions were too hard to understand leave alone to memorize.

We talked a lot and I did my best to explain her the tricks of 6 Russian cases.

Next time I saw her in two weeks and I was astonished. She spoke good Russian!

«Я поняла. Язык – это же система! » – She said. (I’ve got it. A language is a system!).

And that’s true. Once you understand a system, you only have to build your vocabulary and practice.

Let me guess…

You are going to Russia.

And you think Russian language is too difficult. So you’ve never even started learning it.

Or maybe you’ve tried learning, but haven’t succeeded.

Then I need to push you.

If you are going to Russia and there are only 2 weeks left, start learning Russian now!

What you will learn

  • Important thing to avoid when starting to learn Russian
  • How to properly choose an online course for learning Russian
  • What to learn first

Before I met my American friend I believed that it takes many years to learn any language. Due to this belief I missed a lot when I started travelling the world with only a backpack and 2 kids.

Bakpack travelling with 2 kids
Backpacktravelling may be hard if you do not know local language

I thought that everyone in Europe spoke English. (Ha-ha-ha).

If you think that everyone in Russia speaks English you deeply mistake.

When you don’t speak the language backpack travelling may be a trouble.

But this is not the worst thing.

Thinking that it’s impossible to quickly learn a new language I missed a lot of fun.

Never trying to learn Russian you miss the fun of learning and communication with native Russians.

Once I decided to try and I did it!

Now I know exactly that it’s possible to quickly learn any language. Going to Thailand I learned a difficult Thai language in no time.

How was it possible?

It’s more important to say what you shouldn’t do then what you should do.

Avoid information overload

Looking for information on learning Russian you will find tons of videos, free and cheap low quality courses. Some of them promise fun learning, other – easy learning. It will take you a lifetime to look through all of them. But you only have 2 weeks!

This is a mistake I made when I first tried to learn Thai. I was so happy to find so many free videos. But after some time I discovered that I had no progress in learning.

So I bought a solid language course just for 25$ and started to progress quickly.

You should avoid these time consuming worthless attempts and go straight to a good Russian course.

To quick start you need just 2 things:

  1. A good online course with a solid system
  2. Motivation

The difference between a good course and a bad course is that the first one gives you confidence.

Confidence is not something that you get telling yourself “I am confident” 1000 times. You build confidence through systematical learning and practice.

You need a guide what to learn the first, the second and the third to quickly adapt to staying in a new country.

I don’t believe in magical systems that infuse a new language in your brain with no effort. To learn Russian language you need effort to memorize rules, cases and a lot of words. But understanding a system of a new language is fun, isn’t it?

And there is a second important thing

Take it easy!

By learning Russian in two weeks I don’t mean that you’ll be reading Leo Tolstoy “War and Peace” without a dictionary. But what you certainly learn is:

  1. Basic rules and 6 cases
  2. Greetings and how to get acquainted
  3. How to ask the questions “how to”
  4. How to explain where are you going
  5. How to discuss food
  6. How to discuss price
  7. Numbers, months, seasons, parts of the body

So what are you waiting for? Grab a good Russian course and get started!

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