How to use Russian participles? Examples with film titles translation.

The Russian participles have gender, number, case, voice, tense and aspect. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

You can avoid them in everyday speech. But you can’t avoid them in Russian texts.  Russian writers are big lovers of participles and gerunds indeed.

Participles are also helpful when we need to translate English participles into Russian. Below are the examples of translation of some famous films’ titles. Sometimes translators use participles, sometimes they avoid. You need to be careful with Russian participles, because the translation may sound very confusing.

Try to translate the titles first. Then click the poster to see the translation. Grammar tips are below each image. Check for more details on the Russian particles here.

Ah, some of the films have nothing to do with participles… I included them just because they are so cute. And they also teach Russian grammar.

Have you watched these films?


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