What is mysterious Russian soul? Does it really exist?

If you talk to a Russian person you will not see it. It is hidden under a layer of formal words and attemts to be “a good guy” (or a good girl).

Russians are different.

Highly educated and ignorant, slim and fat, honest and cunning – these are all Russians. Which is more confusing, every Russian is different from day to day. Today – loving and generous, tomorrow – frustrated and hating.

But there is something common…

Do not read scientific reports – listen to Russian songs. Read Russian literature and poetry.

These creations do not come from cool and peaceful mind.

They come from wounded souls.

And when your soul is wounded you sound differently. You speak differently and you smile differently. Now you are on the edge of complete disaster and complete happiness. The shell of everyday routine and formal communication disappears and your soul comes shining like a brilliant.

The Truth is not in words. It is in music.

True Russian Hymn

Listening to the hymn of Russia does not evoke patriotic feelings in me. The lyrics have changed after the Soviet Union collapse and I haven’t learned the new. There is something about a great and powerful country. Who cares?

But I cannot listen to the song below without tears. This is a true hymn of Russia. Chamomile fields, birch groves, bright sun and blue sky after a long winter – that is worth living… and dying for.

Can you understand my Russian soul?

В лугах ромашковых, в березовых краях
Мне светит солнцем ясным Родина моя
Я по земле родной хожу- не нахожусь,
Я волей вольною дышу-не надышусь!

Родина моя, ясноглазая,
Ты неразлучна со мной.
С малых лет к тебе привязан я
Словно к матери родной.

Мне посчастливилось родиться на Руси,
И я готов хоть на руках ее носить,
Готов ей верой правдою служить
И за нее хоть буйную сложить

Having fun

Yes, Russians have always been struggling. But they’ve had enough sense of humor to laugh at their disasters. Look at these babushkas singing a fun song in a hungry besieged town.


Песня старушек-веселушек

Нас народ своим уменьем
Да весельем наградил,
Для поднятья настроенья
Нас на помощь снарядил!

Нам года – не беда,
Коль душа молода!
Нам года не беда,
Коль душа молода!

С детства крови не боюся,
Всем вам раны залечу.
А уж если засмеюся –
Всех вокруг захохочу.


Обладаю острым глазом –
Всех врагов вам разгляжу.
Ну, а я, как свистну разом,
Войско наземь положу.


Можем мы палить из пушки,
Шить, стирать, варить обед!
Ну какие ж мы старушки?
На троих нам двести лет!

Russian women

Listen to this piece of Russian fairy tale. Can you understand?

Слова Алёнушки:

Стойте! Не троньте его!

Не рычи на меня, чудище лесное.

Лучше слова мои выслушай.

Если стар ты – будь мне дедушкой.

Если середович – будь мне дядюшкой.

Если ж молод ты – будь мне суженым, мил-сердечный друг.

Вот, прими от меня подарочек, своими руками вышивала!

It’s easy for a young girl to fall in love with a handsome hero. But what about loving a terribly ugly monster? And being brave enough to tell this in front of the crowd? You need a heart for that.

That’s what happens. There is an ugly beast in every handsome Russian man.

But women stay loving no matter what. My mother was like that as well as my grandmothers.

No matter what her husband is today: drunk, frustrated, looking like a monster and swearing like a shoemaker, she does what she has to do: works, cooks delicious borsch, stays loving, faithful and forgiving everything.


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