Travel in Siberia. Altai Shavlinsky Lake on hourses. Aktru Alpine Camp. Jeep tour.

Dates: 3-17 Aug 2019

Let’s go

 Where do we go?

To have rest in Altay mountains is ideal for active and creative people, inspired by the beauty of nature with its fresh air and for those who are keen on adventures and excitement. If you feel it’s about you, Friendly Siberia team offers an incredible two-week tour to immerse you into the admiring atmosphere of Mountainous Altay.

The route that we are going consists of a 4×4 trip, a horse ride journey and walking tours to the most beautiful and mysterious places of Altay. You will see unapproachable glaciers of the South Chuya ridge, flowering valleys and turquoise lakes, reflecting sparkling snow-capped peaks of the highest mountains of the republic.

Horses Baida

Our team

  • Two professional interpreters from English and French will accompany you for all the time of the journey.
  • We love our Motherland-Siberia, and we know a huge amount of amazing places that you are sure to love as soon as you see them.
  • Only the best native guides are working in our team, professional alpinists and hikers, well known in the Republic who will reveal to you the secret nooks and unbelievably beautiful places.
  • We travel only in small groups (4-5 person) in a specially converted for mountain roads 4×4 minivan Delica with crystal lite roof and a comfortable SUV Kia Bongo.
  • We take care of your security and choose the only safe offroad vehicles for travel and choose comfortable locations for camping and cozy wooden houses for night sleep.
  • And finally, we want to make the memories of this trip warm you over the years, so our company employs a professional photographer for the tour, so that at the end of it, you will get a detailed colorful picture story.

Day 1: Novosibirsk-Chibit: Chuya tract, the merge of Katun&Chuya rivers, two passes.

Starting from Novosibirsk we reach Chibit village at the end of the day. We pass the main part of the road trip towards Mongolia – Chuya tract.   On this day we will see the most beautiful places on the tract: Chuya merger with Katun, Chike-Taman and Seminsky passes. We are sure to stop and take pictures of these admiring places. In the evening, dinner is waiting for us on the basis, we get acquainted with members of our trip team, get some instructions from the guide and finally fall asleep with lots of positive impressions.

Chuya Trakt

Day 2: Eshtykkol valley, river Shavla

On this day we saddle horses and start our way to the Shavlinsky lakes. We have to rise to the pass and move through a surprisingly beautiful highland plateau, which becomes a blooming meadow in summer. We stop for the night near purest mountain rivers and enjoy a delicious dinner, cooked on a fire.


Day 3: The Lower Shavlinsky Lake

The third day of our trek will be remembered for your acquaintance with the Lower Shavlinsky lake. The impression of the place will remain forever in your heart, it’s simply impossible to stay indifferent to its beauty: a turquoise surface of the lake reflects three snowy peaks of the North-Chuya ridge. Our camp will be located on the lake among the cedars and larches. In the evening you will be able to wash away the tiredness in a native Russian sauna(banya) and admire the close shining stars in deep night sky.


Day 4:  The Upper Shavlinsky Lake

We will make a radial hike to the Upper Shavlinsky lake and to a glacier nearby to enjoy breathtaking views from the heights of mountain peaks. We will have plenty of time to find good camera angles for landscapes, enjoy nature, have a snack and being satisfied slowly return to the camp before sunset.

Day 5:  The Upper Shavlinsky Lake-Chibit

In the morning we saddle horses and move back to Chibit because there are so many adventures ahead of us! In the evening we are having a delicious dinner and relax in a native Russian sauna.

Day 6: Ulagansky Highlands – Lake Kidelyu-Aktash

After breakfast, we cozily nestle in cars to reach new wonderful places of Altai. On this day we ride on Ulagansky plateau and stop for lunch at a small, but amazingly beautiful lake Kidelyu. Our day will continue with an unforgettable scenery of one of the highest mountains in the area, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the North-Chuya and Kurai ridges. For the night we sattle down at the basis of settlement Aktash.

Kidelyu Lake

Day 7: Aktash geyser lake, Kizil-Chin

In the morning we will visit an amazing geyser lake, which is located near the base. The day will continue with an incredibly beautiful road along the North-Chuya ridge with a stop for a photo shoot. Next, we will visit Chagan-Uzun, a place known as “Mars on Earth”: red-orange striped hills covered with cactuses will conquer your imagination with its ethereal charm. The night we spend in a camp under the deep starry sky.

Day 8: Alpine camp Aktru

On this day, we will arrange a transfer to Aktru climber camp where you will be able to stay in a camp or rent a house (optional). Aktru-is one of certainly worth visiting places in the Altai region, even if you are not a climber. If mountains have always attracted you with their ice peaks, you will feel like you have wings as you come here. If you are an experienced climber, then you have to choose a top of glaciers Big or Small Aktru or beautiful Karatash to rise up- the choice is yours. In the section “Routes” you can choose the best suitable trek to climb up the North-Chuya ridge.


Day 9: Big and Small Aktru, Karatash, the Master Pass

We spend three full days in the Aktru camp.  Everyone can choose for themselves the route of interest – ascent to the Dome of three lakes or to the glaciers Big and Small Aktru, rise to the pass master or a walk to an alpine ice lake. Our guides will provide whatever you choose.


Day 10: Aktru, relaxation

After such an intense trip we need a rest, so the third day in the alpine camp we will hold in a calm and relaxed mood, walking through the woods and enjoying the mountain air and delicious food in the camp.

Day 11: Chuya river Valley and the South Chuya Ridge

Having rested we set off on a journey with new forces: this day we are acquainting with an alpine desert and cosmic landscapes of Kosh-Agach. We will pass through the village Beltir and find ourselves at the foot of the high peaks of the majestic South Chuya Ridge. On this day, we are having the real jeep adventures: mooving up through mountain passes, watching breathtaking panoramas, having  river crossings and the constant change of mountain scenery. We will visit the Black and White glacial lakes, drive to the top of the ridge at an altitude of almost 3000 meters and descend from this most beautiful and craggy pass of the republic.  For the night we set up our camp on a high plateau far from roads and civilization.

Day 12: Sophia Glacier, the South Chuya Ridge

We will make a radial hike output to the Sophia Glacier and stop for a picnic at a glacial lake at the foot of snow covered ancient ridges . At night we camp in tents in a quiet location on the bank of the river.


Day 13: Tarhatinsky megalithic complex, Chuya Valley petroglyphs  – Bolshoy  Yaloman

On this day we will visit several archaeological sites of the Republic. Our day will begin with an introduction to Tarhatinskim megalithic complex near the village of Kosh-Aghach. This great building appeared in the Bronze Age and it consists of boulders stacked in a circle, some of these rocks are magnetized, the other covered with ancient drawings. The largest stone has a size of 6 x 5 and 4 meters high. The inner diameter of the complex is 60 meters. After lunch, we will start the return trip along the Chuya tract, stopping and getting acquainted with many interesting cave paintings, petroglyphs on the way. The largest stone has a size of 6 x 5 and 4 meters high. The inner diameter of the complex is 60 meters. After lunch, we will start the return trip along the Chuya tract, stopping and getting acquainted with several places with interesting cave paintings, petroglyphs on the way. At night we stop at a cozy base in Yaloman village on the bank of a pure creek, and may take a walk in the surroundings.



Day 14:

Cheerful and renewed we bid farewell to the mountains, have breakfast and comfortably return to Novosibirsk.

 Promotional tour price: Total expenses for one Traveler is only 1500 USD!

(Only 1-2 spots left for the season 2019)

This amount includes:

  • All transfers: comfortable 4wd throughout all the ring trip;
  • Horse rental for 4 days;
  • Work of guides, interpreter, cook and photographer. The best guides will go with you every part of your travel;
  • Accommodation in the camping houses;
  • Tourist equipment
  • Saunas;
  • Feeding on the route;
  • Excursion’s tickets;

Let’s start!


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