How to use suffixes for a shortest path to Russian heart

You do not need to know Russian well to find a path to Russian heart.

I’ll tell you why. It’s simple.

But first let me tell you a life story.

I was a student when I started my first job. Working as a translator in a foreign company seemed to be a prestigious deal that everyone was chasing for.

But I wasn’t happy. I felt frozen and not fit for that glamour society. Though my English was not bad, I was so scared to talk to foreigners that sometimes I couldn’t say a word.

My Russian colleagues didn’t take me serious. They never said “hello” and even never called me by name. The secretary of General Manager never missed a chance to show my shortcomings.

But there was an exception.

One of Russian managers was different. When I first met him he called me by name and which is more he called my name in a diminutive form: «Танечка» instead of formal «Татьяна».

I was astonished! That was so unusual. I still remember that guy with gratitude because he changed my staying in a company. I became more confident, improved my skills and even started to understand South Irish English.

Just adding a simple suffix to a name is so powerful. It can melt the ice and make somebody happier. This is a tool for flirting too. The good thing is that you don’t need to know Russian well to find a path to the Russian heart.

Just remember these suffixes








You may be creative with suffixes and for your own tender form of a name. For example “Лёшечка” instead of “Лёша”. My father was creative calling me “Таньша”. But this does not sound nice 🙂

ColdWarmerThe warmest
МарияМаша Машенька
ТатьянаТаняТанечка, Танёк

Is it valid for guys’ names?


ColdWarmerThe warmest
АлександрСаша Сашенька, Сашок
Юрий ЮраЮрочка

The important thing is that you should say it with warmth and smile in your voice. Use this only when you feel comfortable.

But I have to warn you – this is a very strong “weapon”. The guy may fall in love with you even if it is not in your plans.


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