Where in Russian (2 translations and 2 cases)

In this lesson you will learn:

  • how to think in Russian about where you are and where are you going to.
  • Remember – its even more important to learn how to ask questions than how to answer them. There are short dialogues below – don’t miss them.

to get the most out of it

Unusual, but also fun, isn’t it?

  1. English “where” has 2 translations.

Depending on the meaning we have to use prepositional or accusative case.

The accusative case Russian

  • Where? = Где? I am already there. Prepositional case.

Где кошелёк? В су́мке.

А где де́ньги? В ба́нке.

  • Where? = Куда́? I am not there yet. Accusative case.

Ты куда́? – Я в шко́лу.

Куда́ положи́ть кошелёк? – В су́мку.

Куда́ лу́чше положи́ть де́ньги? – В ба́нк.

How to remember the endings of the Russian cases?

Useful tips
Prepositional – the word Где is ending in «Е», so mostly the words change their endings to Е. Check for more examples of the prepositional case in this post.

Accusative – the word кУдА has 2 vowels А and У, so mostly the words ending in А change their endings to У.

Москва́ в Москве́ В Москву́

Алта́й На Алта́е На Алта́й

Новосиби́рск в Новосиби́рске в Новосиби́рск

Ты где́? Я в Новосиби́рске

А куда́ ты пое́дешь ле́том? – Как куда́? На Алта́й!

Audio exercise to discern Accusative/Prepositional case endings

In this exercise you have to discern words endings pronounced by a native speaker. Don’t forget to use grammar knowledge you have just obtained.

(please wait a sec. while the application is loading)

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